Track Your Stolen Or Lost Phone Using IMEI Tracker

track lost or stolen phone

Lost your phone? now you have fear of exposing your personal data, images, documents, etc. You cannot only find stolen device but also you can wipe out content remotely and track your phone live location using IMEI tracker.

You return home from a party and remembered you should have made a call to thank your friends. You tried to get the phone but you can’t seem to remember where it is. Did you misplaced it? Was it stolen? Questions without answers begin running through your mind.

It’s so sad if that device contains every digital information that means a lot to you. You have saved your private information there, you have your email apps and social accounts logged in. Not to mention those secret messages or photos that had an impact on something critical. Or your device had nothing special at all.

But still, you fear your phone data might have been accessed.

No matter the experience you are going through. I bet you still need to understand how your device got stolen. This time, you’ll definitely want to get your device back or know who stole it if you didn’t misplace.

There are hundreds of Android apps that promise to do this complex task for you. Maybe you have searched for a best anti-theft app for Android and you might have gotten your choice.

But there is another app; Mifon – Anti-theft app is the best solution to find your lost device or perform security actions on the lost device/theft phone

How It Works?

Like any other app, you need to have an active account in order to use Mifon. Get the app from the Google Play for your Android device and install it.

Once you have installed, register for an account (if you don’t have yet). Make sure you input active Google email identity that is the same as the one you used to activate your device Google services on your phone. Ensure you input all the required details correctly so as to allow smooth functioning whenever you need Mifon to find a lost phone.

Once your account is verified and running, you are now ready to explore Mifon features. There are many unique features but for the case of our article subject, we will cover a few but powerful ways to track mobile location by IMEI number. You don’t have to worry anymore. Mifon is the best phone tracking app Android.

How miFon App Helps to Track Mobile Phone Location Online?

Since everything is digital, even find a lost phone by IMEI tracker can be done online provided the anti-theft app has your device IMEI number attached. Once you installed this app, Mifon automatically captures the device IMEI without your assistance. Some apps that promise to track your phone doesn’t have this capability and would require you to manually input it.

With IMEI, Mifon has the utmost power to effectively perform the following action:

1. Track Live Location

track lost phone location

You can track the live location of your device via your Google ID (email address), GPS (which sometimes requires an internet connection) and by IMEI.

Should you need to accurately manage your device, using IMEI number is the best option to accomplished complex tasks. You can communicate with your device using its IMEI by sending SMS commands from another device.

Usually, online live location via browser access gives you a map with the location of where your device is. What if the thief erases or switched off the device? Without internet access, GPS can’t work as expected.

IMEI bypass all these (regardless of whether the device is switched off or there is no internet access). It works in extreme conditions and still gives you the exact location of your device.

2. Complete Family Security

track family location

Mifon has a feature that allows you to sync and stay connected with your family. Security of your family is paramount. Mifon is a complete suite that protects your family members by giving you live updates of their whereabouts whenever you need it anytime 24/7.

As an administrator, you can add all your family members’ devices (including their IMEI number) and need not to worry again about your child. If their device gets lost, you can monitor for them by performing the same action as you would with yours.

3. Secure Your Device

Mifon has excellent features that help you perform immediate actions to secure your phone from the hands of the thief. Sometimes, it’s hard to accomplish other actions such as correct location, erase your data if the device is switched off or no internet access.

Mifon SMS commands help protect your device – maybe by setting a device screen lock, displaying a message, capturing thief image, ringing the device and even erasing.

With IMEI tracker, you can still manage to do the same action like live location and erasing the device data if you are certain you can’t retrieve it anymore. Since you had set up a backup, simply use the right command to permanently format your device and be worry-free from the security of your personal data.

How to Know Device IMEI No?

Knowing your smartphone device IMEI is easy. Perform these three steps and you are ready to go.


This is the easiest approach used by many people to get their device IMEI number. Get your phone dialer and enter these command: *#06#

Once you press Enter or OK, you will immediately see a screen popup with your device IMEI number. Write it down if you need to store it or use when your anti-theft app requires it.

By using phone settings

Another way to get the same is to use device phone settings. From the settings menu, scroll down to “about phone”, tap it, got to “status”, tab and look for “IMEI Information” tap it again and you see a column of your device IMEI.

By checking beneath the device batter location

Some phone has a sticker that displays the device IMEI located inside the device battery location. If your device has a removable battery, check if there is a label with the device IMEI. If this isn’t the case, find it anywhere at the back of your device. If you can’t find it, us the aforementioned ways to retrieve your device IMEI.

Mifon Automatic IMEI Capture.

Storing your IMEI number is very important. Some cases involving investigation may require your device IMEI. As for the anti-theft Android apps, there are other apps that can’t detect a device’s IMEI no and you are required to manually perform this action. Can you tell if these apps are up to the mark as best IMEI mobile tracker? That’s sad. These apps should do these things automatically if they really promise to protect you whenever you need these apps the most. Mifon is the best IMEI tracker app that automatically identifies your device’s IMEI number when the app is installed.

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