How To Track A Phone Using IMEI Number?

how to track phone using IMEI number


In this article, we will walk you through the steps of how to track any phone by using IMEI number. Track your phone using IMEI number with IMEI tracker app – MIFON.

Safety of your phone is paramount. In today’s digital experience, nearly everything happens through our smartphones. Be it communication, mobile banking, and online experiences. While we value the importance of our devices, it’s also important to consider its safety (including the privacy of your data).

You can be careful about how you handle your device but it’s very difficult to abide by this all the time. You get engaged to other crucial matters and suddenly forget about your device which, on the other view, is an advantage to the thief.

If your device is stolen or even misplaced, it can be hard to trace it. What if you had muted it? What if you had not set your device passcode? What will happen to your private information? You get the idea. To stay worry-free from all these concerns, it’s very important to have a tool or an app that can be a surety whenever such things happen.


Best IMEI Phone Tracker App

There are hundreds of anti-theft and security apps. Each had a different mode of operation and we can’t cover all these here. Among these apps, we have Mifon anti-theft and family security Android app. It gives you the power to track your mobile location. It’s the digital cutting-edge app to find phone location when you are desperately looking for actionable ways on how to track a lost cell phone.

Mifon does some tens of things. It’s unique and uses various approaches to help you track a missing phone. Of most important is the ability to use the tool to as a phone tracker by IMEI number. Many people lost their phones frequently. Some misplaced them while others can’t find the chance to try to recover their devices.

And that’s not all for Mifon. You can add your family member and care about their security with the app, scan your device for malware and automatically backup your data to drive using your unique email ID among others. This gives the power to become a best IMEI tracker app out there. Just install and MIFON will auto-register your IMEI so you can track when it is needed. With best in class IMEI tracking features, you can now be worry-free about losing your phone.

If you are thinking of “how can I track my stolen phone” or how to get the best android anti-theft app to “find my lost phone by IMEI number” as you may Google it, then Mifon make things simple for you.

Mifon is an anti-theft phone app. Android has an inbuilt tool that let you get access to your device location using “Find My Device”. But there are limitations to this. For example, you can’t get the location of your phone if the device has no internet access or GPS enabled. A third-party app can have all these features adding extra ones as a suite to make you stay covered in all things that matter concerning security, privacy, and backup.


How to Install Mifon Anti-theft App?

1. First, install the mifon app from the Google Play. If you can’t find the link, use the search bar by typing “Mifon anti-theft app & IMEI tracker”. You may see a couple of search apps. Remember to select mifon and install it.

anti theft imei tracker

2. Once you have installed it, open and do the registration process. Make sure to enter the correct email. This is very important since most of the communications are fulfilled via this email. Thereafter, login to the app and further customize the settings to suit your needs.

imei tracker app free

3. Perform important tasks such as setting the SOS for automatic emergency connection, set miAlerts and autoX (as an antivirus scan and device backup)

anti theft and imei tracker

4. The miSmX is the smartest feature to find your lost or misplaced phone. You need to enable all the feature settings from Mifon help & feedback > about > features.

IMEI tracker app

5. You can also add your family member into your mifon dashboard and keep tracking them whenever you need. Once you have set every important feature, don’t forget to set IMEI feature. We cover the other main features below.


Using IMEI in Mifon

Finding your lost phone by IMEI number is simple in Mifon. In fact, you don’t have to worry about your device IMEI number. As with most of the tools, you are required to manually input your device IMEI for this feature to work. It’s not that way with our app. We have a smart digital way to automatically get the device IMEI and require you to give your permission just as we ask you to enable location access if the app doesn’t have access already.

With those few tabs. Your device is fully set and ready to respond whenever your device gets lost. Using IMEI is the ultimate way to locate or erase all your phone data for security and privacy purposes (if you are certain you can’t get your device anymore).

Usually, when your device is lost, you are forced to contact the network provider to block access to your device using IMEI number. This number will access the GSM network to track the stolen phone and block it from accessing any other network.

But, in the case of Mifon, this is done automatically just by having browser access or online dashboard. With the power of the mifon anti-theft app, you can do more than just this. Here is how.


Mifon Unique Features

We have a user guide covering how mifon work with detail features. Here are a few that help you do more with your device.


1. Mifon Siren:

It’s not just a siren. When you need to locate your device and not sure where it is, the first step to take is to ring your device. Luckily, if the phone was misplaced and near you (within your earshot) you can use the siren SMS command and let the phone loudly ring. Several people have successfully found their devices hidden in the sofas or left in other rooms. This feature uses the device IMEI and automatically ring siren by sending SMS to the stolen device (using another device). Furthermore, if the thief or anybody tries to unlock your phone or fail to unlock your pin/pattern, a loud siren will play.


2. Family Security:

Like your device which you need to protect, your family is also important when it comes to security. With this unique mifon feature, you can secure your family members by adding them in the group and monitoring their security (whereabouts via location tracking).

You add your members’ phones using their device IMEI. This is easy to track even when their devices have no internet access or their GPS disabled. Mifon will ask you to enter the phone numbers of trusted members and they might be from your family or friend circle. If your phone or their device is stolen or missing and a new SIM is inserted into the phone, then SMS notifications will be sent automatically to those trusted (family) numbers that include IMEI number and phone location.


3. Location Tracking:

You get the location of a device with either a GPS or using IMEI.  GPS requires internet and location access. Finding a device location with IMEI doesn’t require any network data at all. IMEI is a unique device identifier that can be used by network providers or any other digital tool to uniquely identify your device.

Mifon IMEI remote location tracker is very accurate and real-time. If your device is lost, use the online dashboard and use this feature to remotely track your device.


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