How To Locate A Stolen or Lost Phone?

how to locate stolen or lost phone

Locate your lost phone using miFon application. The application uses a live tracking location, Remotely Siren, Remotely Wipe, Family Security, etc functionalities to find lost phone or Locate your stolen phone.

In this dispensation, a lot of phones seem to be stolen or lost. This is large because, on the part of the owner, there is a sense of careless, not mindful of the little things that are important, too much haste to achieve in life and less concern for the things in the present. This is the latest century and a lot of things have evolved. On the part of the thief, there could be cases of kleptomaniac spirits hovering around, also greed can pose as another factor to make someone steal. Even the condition of living for some people is so terrible that they must do anything necessary to eat and live.

The amazing thing about lost phones is that they can end up in the hands of people that are not even miles within reach from the owner. It always has the propensity to really fly as soon as it is stolen from the owner. A lot of illegal goods have been seized from people that range from guns, cigarette, clothes, and electronic boat and even to airplanes, not excluding phones. On most cases where these properties are seized, it usually finds its way back to the owner’s reasons that it could be for business purposes. But on a normal basis, when these properties are collected from these fraudulent people, it is usually destroyed, auctioned to people or rather donated to schools. Sometimes it is not so easy to track down these phones and return them back to the owners. This is why certain authorities keep the phone with them, someway, it could be useful to them for their own work purposes. One easy way to get your phone protected is to secure it with either the Google search or an Anti-theft Mobile app called MiFon.

Phones that are stolen in the United States of America has somehow found its way to every continent on the earth exceptional of Antarctica. The value of a smartphone and the fact that it is small and portable makes it very easy for it to be stolen this is why a lot of criminal agencies are doing their possible best to recover and track down stolen phones and perhaps returned back to the owners. Like in the case of drugs, phones have become a global trade scheme in the United States of America. A good percentage above the average of adults in America own a smartphone and since 2011, it has gone on a high side. The device has moved on from being just an accessory to a needful item. In comparison to phones in other countries, they are not so needful and this invariably makes more phones to get to the streets and then sold to the countries where they will be best used. Report gotten from Consumer Reports has it that, in 2014, in the United States of America, 2.1 million smartphones had been stolen. To even confirm that, about 50% of theft cases in the United States of America has a good relationship with smartphones. In San Francisco, the reports from the Cyber Security Companies tell that out of 10 smartphones one is always stolen.  

Why is it necessary to get back a stolen or lost phone?

Phones in these centuries have been considered to be instruments of usefulness in the sense that, it can perform functions such as communicative purposes. It helps us get united with family members, friends, and colleagues. It is used for conducting business. Sometimes in cases of emergency as well, the mobile phone is really valuable. Calculations can be done using this device. Schedule of our day to day activities, help us keep in touch with our values and goals. Sometimes, some people may use more than one mobile phone. Cone could be for the purpose of business and another could be strictly for personal use.

Today, cell phones have increased in their functionality to using satellites and wireless devices for the reception. Because of the simplicity of this device, the importance cannot be overemphasized. The mobile phone has been proven to be one of the surest ways to stay connected to people around the world and even with our activities. When mobile phones are gotten for personal related issues then it is very important to get the phone back after it has been lost. This also applies to business and other activities. There is a lot of valuable information that can be stored on the mobile phone and when this phone is lost or put in the wrong hands, it can be manipulated to harm the owner. Also, there are contacts that are stored in the phone that will be of great benefit to the owner. This is another reason the mobile phone is worth retrieving. Also, emphatically, there are a lot of persons that use their mobile phone number for every transaction they make with people no matter what level it is. This shows that this is one clear way to reach you. If a mobile phone gets stolen, it is of utmost importance to retrieve back the line so those people who have your contact can easily get back in touch with you.

People are assets and communication is gold, this is why one should treat communication as essential. On most cases when a phone is stolen, it is wiped out completely and sold out to any willing person. On the other hand, it is also possible that the thieves may not wipe it out on the instance it is stolen and it is also possible that they stole it for a particular purpose other than selling it. Therefore, retrieving the phone can result in retrieving other valuables as well that was safe on the phone which could include: contacts, passwords, files, documents and many other things. In cases where the phone cannot be retrieved on time, it is important to wipe out the device and its critical documents to prevent peek and use. This way, no one will have access to your valuable information and as such, no one can use it for your detriment.


Finding a stolen phone may not be so difficult if you can follow some laid down principles. There are also a lot of phone finder apps that can be used to help to find lost phone. There are two ways which we will be discussing here that can help to retrieve a phone that has been lost or that has been stolen. They are the Google phone and the third party app called MiFon.

lost phone. There are two ways which we will be discussing here that can help to retrieve a phone that has been lost or that has been stolen. They are the Google phone and the third party app called MiFon.

1. Google find my phone

  • Step 1: use another device to log into the google account that you have previously created in your device. Choose which device you want to retrieve. It is possible that you have used that account to secure two devices.
  • Step 2: the next step is to re-enter your password into the new device that will serve as the phone tracker.
  • Step 3: from the next menu, you can either chose to ring the phone or locate where the phone is.
  • Step 4: whatever menu you choose will activate itself instantly. If you chose that it should call your line then it will do that immediately but if you want it to locate your phone then you would see the location clearly displayed on the screen.

2. MiFon App

even though locating your phone through google phone is the most preferable, there are still other third party apps that can make this effective for you. One of them is MiFon. This is graded as one of the best phones retrieving apps that can be found around. To find lost phone you should have already downloaded the app into your device Or Download MiFon App from Play store.

Step 1: Login/Signup App

login/signup mifon

Step 2 : Enable Administrator permissions

mifon - enable administrator permissions

Step 3: Setting Up & Activate Account

mifon - setting up account

Step 4: Go Premium Plan

mifon - premium plan

Benefits of Using MiFon Main Features.

miFon has a lot of special features that can keep you and your device safe from theft, and even when it gets stolen, it can also be retrieved through this means. It has been known to be the winner of the Golden Globe Tigers Awards of 2019.

Some of its features are really exciting to operate. It has a remote siren that can automatically ring siren by sending an SMS. It also has a remote wipe that can delete valuables from peeking eyes. This app can work without the internet. This is an amazing feature. The app has a remote lock that can automatically lock up your phone screen remotely. You can even be granted access to a custom lock message on the screen. The take thief selfie helps you to take a secret photo of whoever tries to unlock your phone using the front camera. And this photo will be sent immediately to your email. The app also has a location tracker that can help you locate your stolen phone with just an SMS command. It can track live your stolen phone. It also has a remotely loud alarm for security.

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