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how to find a lost cell phone? how to locate a missing phone? how to locate lost phone?… Worried about misplacing or losing your android device? The good news is that you can locate lost phone with miFon App if its installed on your phone. Mifon is an antitheft mobile app for android device. It can find your lost phone, remotely locate a lost phone, remotely unlock your phone when it was stolen. Mobile devices cost a lot, however, the personal information they contain might cost even more. No one wants their privacy to fall in the wrong hands. A missing phone can cause frustration to an individual. Everything becomes annoying with different thoughts of the possible ways of how it got missing: could it be a prank? Or stolen? Or fallen from your purse? Or you forgot it somewhere? And so on. These thought keeps increasing till you find a way of how to locate lost phone in order to get the smartphone back. The next question that keeps coming to one’s head is “How to track a cell phone location?” Well, there are some useful ways on how to track a cell phone location or locate lost phone. this can be made easy if you have prepared beforehand for this possibility. Or if you are able to act fast.

Finding Lost Phone 

Technology has taken a great edge in ways on how to locate lost phones; the use of anti-theft apps or phone finder apps or as some might call it ‘phone tracker apps’, such as Google maps, miFon, spyzie, Android Device Manager (ADM) or Google Find My Device, just to mention but few, the use of phone’s IMEI number. Most individuals lack the awareness of what to do in advance to their missing device, they don’t know the right apps to install, or the IMEI number to be saved somewhere, or even the necessary registrations that ought to be made on Google features. Phone or device with all the necessary requirements that will be discussed as we proceed, will make finding easier and gives a higher chance to locate and get back if it eventually gets missing. Our phone is part of what we engage with every day of our lives, from accessing bank details to checking social media and news. A missing device or phone seizes us the opportunity to get in touch with family and friends, miss out on job schedules, turn travel plans into waste, or even miss an event. It becomes a curious feeling to find the phone location as soon as possible. Google, with the increasing number of missing phones, introduced and designed apps to help find lost phone or stolen phone, especially the Android devices. However, personally using the phone tracker apps is not an advisable thing to do. It is important to contact the police or any local Law Enforcement Agency around you and provide the necessary information they may need in finding the phone, rather than taking matters into your hand. These people have the right resources on how to track a stolen phone.

How to Locate Lost Phone?

Now, no worry about your stolen or missing phone. User can easily find lost phone location using third party apps. There are so many apps are available on google. Are you using the right app to find an android device? mifon is one of the best app to locate lost phone in very few days. Smartphones like Android, which recorded a rising usage of over 35.5% of the world’s population, has become an engaging part of every human. For that, whenever it gets missing or damaged by any chance, it becomes difficult for most individuals. In most cases, the device itself is not the problem, but the data saved in it, we don’t want them to enter the wrong hands. This calls for a search on how to track cell phone location, either by using the phone IMEI number, Google features or by using third-party anti-theft apps, or as some might call it ‘phone finder apps’. Losing a phone or device is considered a critical emotional destabilization for one. Either you have just misplaced it somewhere or it has been stolen, there are several ways on how to track a missing phone. This article highlights, in detail, how to find lost phones using different methods. These methods include;
  1. the use of Google Android Device Manager’s features
  2. the use of Google Maps
  3. the use of miFon the anti-theft app
  4. the use of Spyzie anti-theft app
  5. the use of FamiSafe Phone tracker app
  6. the use Cerberus anti-theft app
  1. The Use of Android Device Manager to Find Lost Phones Google’s Android Device Manager (ADM) is a feature that provides a reliable and safe way on how to track a stolen phone, usually Android. This feature enables users to view the current location of their Android phone, thereby, tracking the device on a real-time basis. Android Device Manager also provides the user with the option to reset the device, lock the device, or even remotely make it ring with a feature known as the alarm anti-theft screen lock. As long as the device has internet access, is connected to your Google account, has the Android Device Manager set to locate your Android phone and location is turned on; the ADM can be used to find the phone if missing. To find lost phones using Android Device Manager, visit on your PC or any other android device. Login to your Google account and select the device you are searching for (if you have more than one). It lists out all the devices linked to your Google account. The location of your phone will be displayed and gives you the option of • Locking it with password, PIN or pattern. It also gives in addition, a chance to provide a recovery message on the lock screen. • Wiping all the data from the phone • Providing the alarm anti-theft screen lock that makes the device ring even if the phone is set to silent mode. Alternatively, if you have no access to PC, you can search for ‘Find My Device’ app in Google Play store, download and install the app on another Android phone. Find My Device app was provided by Google to locate lost or stolen phones. It can be used for all the basic needs of losing a phone, such as wiping and providing the alarm anti-theft screen lock feature. With that, the person in possession of the phone can see that you are looking for it. If the person doesn’t return the phone, worst case, wipe its data. In using the Find My Device feature, open settings and then tap Google, security then Find My Device. Ensure that the two options are set to on. Once done, you can track or locate your Android device and, even eventually wipe your Android phone if need be. This feature gives you three possible options on how to reveal your Android phone; starting the alarm anti-theft screen lock feature which can make the phone to ring out for five minutes, regardless of it being in silence mode, you can remotely lock the phone which enable you to set a pop-up message on the lock screen, by which no normal computer literate will have access to it, and thirdly, wiping the entire data from the phone if you think someone may have passed the lock screen and you want to secure the data and apps from being vulnerable. 2. How to Locate Lost Phone Using Google Maps? This service was developed by Google, usually on the web, to view locations from the satellite. It offers a locator for businesses and organizations in different countries of the world. Google Maps for Android and iOS devices was launched and released in 2008. It was recorded in 2003 to be the most popular app for smartphones in the entire world. Over 54% of the world’s smartphone owners and users use it, at least once. The Google map use a route planner that allows users to find available directions. Google account owners can log in to save their locations and also the location of their Android devices. The Google map enables users to save certain locations that can be viewed offline. However, there has been criticism at the app privacy, which involves the location history tracking page, with most privacy proponent advice users to disable the feature. In terms of GPS tracking apps for Android users, the google map is the predominant tool to use in finding lost phones. It helps to get the precise destination and locality in tracking devices. It is very easy to use and provide an offline map to search and navigate through lost phones without the internet. GPS tracking apps for an android device are very essential for people who prefer an advanced way of finding lost devices. Google map can be used to find your lost phone in the following way: a)    On the Google map location history timeline, log in with the same Google account linked to your phone. b)    Select the present date on the calendar provided on the timeline section. c)    Going by the date you’ve selected, your whereabouts will be displayed, which can be used to identify the present location of your phone. 3. How to Track a Stolen Phone Using Mifon app? Using the Google features of tracking lost phones might not provide the exact location of your phone and, also, they only work as long as the device’s location is turned on with the applications. However, in obtaining a real-time location of your lost phone, you might want to use a third-party app. One of such apps is Mifon anti-theft app. Major Features of miFon: ✔ Live Location Tracking ✔ Remotely Siren ✔ Family Security ✔ Data Security This is the most reliable, safe and secure phone tracker app. Based on reviews, users of Mifon phone tracker app has high ratings. With that, the app is ranked higher among all other phone finder apps (excluding the android Find My Device), making it one of the best phone tracking apps for Android. It’s very user-friendly with a well-organized control panel where information or data is provided. Follow these simple steps in using this app to find or track your Android device Step 1: First, download and install the Antitheft mobile App miFon on the android phone you would want to track or monitor. Step 2: It is required to register a new user account to the target device. Using the registered login credentials. Step 3: Setting up your account with the current phone details. Allow all access. Step 4: Login to the user portal. Your portal login details are the same as the ones used for mifon app login. 4. How to Track a Cell Phone Location Using Spyzie Anti-theft App Another recommended third-party phone finder app is the Spyzie. Spyzie provides an easy solution to monitor and locate devices from its dedicated dashboard. This app can be used to track your device and also gives you access to important data, such as photos, SMS, messages, browser history, social media chats, and more. It is a compatible app for both the leading versions of iOS and Android devices. Its responsive web interface is very easy to understand, with a comprehensive dashboard featuring almost everything about your device in one place. Follow these easy steps on how to track stolen phone using Spyzie anti-theft app. Step 1: First thing to do is to create a Spyzie account on their website link at and select your desired subscription plan (available free version as Demo for trial). Step 2: Complete the set-up by providing basic information about the phone you want to track. Step 3: It is possible your device is not set to allow installation from unknown sources. Download the app and allow installation from unknown sources. Go to Settings, Security, and then turn on the ‘Unknown Sources.’ This enables the installation of apps from unknown sources other than the Google play store. Step 4: After that, download the Spyzie app on your Android phone by visiting Step 5: Once this is done, open the app and sign-in using your registered credentials. Allow all the access the app needs in order to start tracking the device. Step 6: After that, tap on ‘Start Monitoring’ button to start monitoring your device in real time. Step 7: That’s it! In completing the set-up, you can now log in to Spyzie web platform to track your device. The dashboard provides all relevant information about the device, including its precise location 5. How to Locate a Cell Phone Using FamiSafe Phone Tracker App As the name implies, the FamiSafe phone tracker app is considered the best phone tracking app recommended for parents who wish to monitor, control and track the online and offline activities of their kids. It is very easy to use with vast features covering both iOS and Android devices. Survey has proven a huge success from valuable customers. FamiSafe features phone call log details, web browser history, and data, and also track real-time GPS location from the target device. Follow these easy steps to use FamiSafe app to track your device. Step 1: Download and install FamiSafe app on both parent and kid’s phones. Step 2: Register a FamiSafe account on either your phone or your kid’s phone. The account should be applicable to both phones. Step 3: Set-up the account on both the kid and parent’s phone. Step 4: Once this is done, your FamiSafe is ready to start tracking the target device by selecting ‘Location’ options at the left panel. The synchronization of data can be done using this app, information can be kept safe and secured for reference purpose. You can also login to the account through the website to access all the necessary information. 6. The Use of Cerberus Anti-theft App This is one of the oldest anti-theft apps used for tracking lost phones. It has great features that include locking and wiping of the phone and providing an alarm anti-theft screen lock message. It can also take pictures of the person using the phone, with its access to the front camera. It provides a free trial, after which, you can purchase a single license at a certain stipulated price. Cerberus share the same features with Remote Administration Tools (RATs) used by hackers, including the locating of the device, backing up of data, locking or changing the PIN or password, and wiping of data. These can be achieved by sending SMS texts commands or from a web browser. This app is readily available in the google play store at a cheap rate. Cerberus is designed as an anti-theft app that you or the police can use to track down missing Android phones. In using this app, it’s best to use it on your own Android phone, because the Cerberus team designed the app in such a way that you can only create an account by installing the app. The following detail steps will guide you into the use of Cerberus anti-theft app to track down a missing phone. Step 1: Download the app on the remote device, available in the Google play store. Step 2: Gain access to the target device and unlock it. After the first installation, this is the first thing to do, to gain access to the target phone. You can’t install the app without having knowledge about the login credentials for the user’s Google account. If you are successful in gaining access to the users Google account info, you can now install the Lost phone finder app on the phone, nevertheless, you still need the phone for login into your Cerberus account. Step 3: Install the app on the target device. The Cerberus anti-theft app is available in Google play store. Tap ‘Open’ after installation is complete, then ‘Grant permissions’, and then tap ‘Allow’ for all seven permissions. With this, you are allowed to carry out every one of your missions like tracking the device remotely. Step 4: Having done that, you can skip over the ‘Battery Optimisation’ for later – you are trying to be fast with the necessary thing to get started before you lose access to the phone. Therefore, tap ‘Modify System Settings’ and switch the toggle to ‘on’ and tap ‘Finish.’ Step 5: Still on the target device, register a Cerberus account. This is the only known way to create a Cerberus account. Take note of Operational Security (OPSEC); try to use a different username that you use for other apps or any other website. Step 6: Activate the Device Administration on the Cerberus main configuration page. This gives the full access to get started with the app like erasing data. After that, check the box close to ‘Protect Device Admin.’ This makes the app almost impossible to get rid off if the target eventually discovers it unless of course, they manage to find out the Cerberus password or do a factory reset. That’s it! You are good to go in doing what most people are interested in tracking the phone. Step 7: In addition, you might not want to leave traces of what you are doing on the target device, as the Cerberus app delivers notifications to the device. It is a smart move for you to hide the notifications on the target device. Simply Long-press the app icon on the home screen or in the app drawer, then tap ‘App info’, ‘Notifications’, and then switch off ‘Show Notification.’ In our world today, the phone has become an inherent part of our lives. Almost everything we do depends on it. Losing, missing or any of such can be very awful, but with the above methods, I am certain you now fully know how to track a missing phone using the Google features and third-party apps.   #how to locate a lost phone #how to locate a missing phone #how to locate phone number #how to track lost phone #how to track a cell phone #find my phone location #track android phone

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