How SECURE are You on Social Media?

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There are many reasons observed on traffic media sources leading in or taking one out of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. as well as professional media sites like Linkedin etc. The following is based on the names mentioned above as they are possibly the most renowned/commonly used ones. 

Let’s start with Facebook and see the broad category in which people post:

  1. Opinions
  2. Price offers
  3. Pictures
  4. Featured articles(a serious matter)
  5. Jokes (i will not want to talk/analyze on this)

To one’s surprise, the highest viewed are photographs and subsequent analysis shows that more than 90% come back to post their own photo’s within the next 1 month. This includes vacation photo’s as well. The ratio tilt by gender is very high in favor of female posters, not that men are far behind(simply relatively less) Twitter: It’s for celebrities mainly….common man’s tweets are hardly read. Linked-in: People usually post

  1. Featured articles(serious matters)
  2. Job posts

 While job posts have the highest hits, the featured articles are also read by many but the difference absolute value is #2 receivers multiples of thousands of one for LinkedIn.

 To my understanding sharing photo’s is not safe for two reasons.

  1. many people use your photo to open fake accounts….starting of a crime.
  2. It leads to unhealthy competition which can risk your life(as per point 1.) as well as your competing friends. 

and guess what the rate at which point 1 and point 4 (pertaining to Facebook are)…few thousand times less clicked than point 3. Point 2 gets significant clicks but the output is near zero as they are paid ads and the algorithm is basis what you recently searched or what you have already procured. 

Strange isn’t it? It Clearly means our way of social media interaction needs to be re-looked upon with focus on knowing the person, understanding his opinions, analyze the person learn from her/his articles(positive or negative) and so on. 

Therefore I would like to conclude be Positive, Think SMARTER and be SECURE from now when you go to the social media sites!!!

The author writes and analyses blog posts. He has no bias for countries/Geographies, Gender, and Age. He has definitely no bias for any Religion. He would like to answer your queries.

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