Tough finding your lost or misplaced smartphone? Bet on MIFON App!

NEW DELHI: Ordering a Hyderabadi biryani to home from a stall half a kilometer away from the apartment complex this writer stays in on Sundays is standard practice. So, it was on a hot June Delhi noon that I decided to call up the stall and put a home delivery...

How To Track A Phone Using IMEI Number?

how to track phone using IMEI number

  In this article, we will walk you through the steps of how to track any phone by using IMEI number. Track your phone using IMEI number with IMEI tracker app - MIFON. Safety of your phone is paramount. In today’s digital experience, nearly everything happens through our smartphones. Be...

3 Easy Ways To Track Your Lost Android Phone

Track Lost Phone with Anti-theft Mobile App - Mifon. There are many anti-theft mobile apps available in Google Play store such as, 'find my device location', 'find lost phone', 'IMEI tracker phone location App' and so on. Your phone may be the best device to communicate and interact with your...

How To Locate A Stolen or Lost Phone?

how to locate stolen or lost phone

Locate your lost phone using miFon application. The application uses a live tracking location, Remotely Siren, Remotely Wipe, Family Security, etc functionalities to find lost phone or Locate your stolen phone. In this dispensation, a lot of phones seem to be stolen or lost. This is large because, on the...

How to Use Android’s Anti-Theft Mobile App Features (miFon)

anti theft mobile app

Anti-theft mobile app features are available for android device. Maybe you have Googled “mobile theft tracker” or something along these lines “how to track my phone by IMEI number”. Not many people understand that it’s very convenient to track lost Android phone by using the device IMEI. So you may...

Track Your Stolen Or Lost Phone Using IMEI Tracker

track lost or stolen phone

Lost your phone? now you have fear of exposing your personal data, images, documents, etc. You cannot only find stolen device but also you can wipe out content remotely and track your phone live location using IMEI tracker. You return home from a party and remembered you should have made...


fins lost phone

how to find a lost cell phone? how to locate a missing phone? how to locate lost phone?... Worried about misplacing or losing your android device? The good news is that you can locate lost phone with miFon App if its installed on your phone. Mifon is an antitheft mobile...

MIFON Labs Wins Golden Globe Tigers Awards 2019 For “The Best Mobile Security Product Of The Year”

A Singapore-based MIFON Labs is proud to be announced a winner of Golden Globe Tigers Awards 2019. The award is in recognition of MIFON’s work in transforming mobile security space majorly protecting lost and misplaced phones. Nearly one-third of phone owners experienced a lost or stolen phone. Seeing an opportunity...

How SECURE are You on Social Media?

Blog 1

There are many reasons observed on traffic media sources leading in or taking one out of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. as well as professional media sites like Linkedin etc. The following is based on the names mentioned above as they are possibly the most renowned/commonly used...


Blog 2

There are SMARTER ways to be SECURE. Did you like your parents policing you when you were a kid? I did not.   Physical SECURITY those days were not so SECURE as its perhaps today. I was having a chat with a long-time friend of mine, who has a teenaged daughter. My...

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