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There are SMARTER ways to be SECURE. Did you like your parents policing you when you were a kid? I did not.   Physical SECURITY those days were not so SECURE as its perhaps today.

I was having a chat with a long-time friend of mine, who has a teenaged daughter. My daughter is knocking on similar doors now and hence the discussion turned on to parenting growing up kids.

He mentioned that for the first time he allowed his daughter to go for a school trip with overnight stay arranged by the school. I am still worried and never allow my child but his story was compelling enough to make me take a SMARTER decision for future.

As you are aware, most schools do not allow children to carry a phone and definitely not for excursions for the fear of photography and excess gaming. So was the case for his daughter’s school. So he went to the school and spoke to the teacher in charge for the trip and convinced her in the following way:

My Friend(referred as MF from now): Ma’am, I want my daughter to go, but feeling unsafe, though I trust your school. Can I give her a phone? 

Teacher: No way can I break the school protocol.

MF: What if I pay for the expenses and find a solution in which neither will you break the school protocol or the rule and I will feel more SECURE? 

My friend here convinced the teacher to allow him to subscribe a paid app on her smartphone promising her that he will never call her or try calling her. The teacher agreed and he subscribed and installed the software on her phone, added her to his group on the software app on his phone and requested her to keep her phone on. 

What happened after that can be seen in the following photographs taken from his phone right from his daughter boarding the bus with the teacher, onwards to a far-flung place in Maharashtra and back.



Growing kids often want free air and breathing space independent of their parents. But here is an example of how technology can be used in a  SMARTER way ensuring no policing at the same time ensuring SECURITY.

It also made me think that it’s possibly the best way to safety-track our “elderly parents” residing in a different city than us without disturbing them.

So when are you getting SMARTER?

PS: Opinions are personal to the author and can be questioned…he would like to respond back.

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