3 Easy Ways To Track Your Lost Android Phone

Track Lost Phone with Anti-theft Mobile App – Mifon. There are many anti-theft mobile apps available in Google Play store such as, ‘find my device location‘, ‘find lost phone‘, ‘IMEI tracker phone location App‘ and so on.

Your phone may be the best device to communicate and interact with your circles. Smartphone usage has surpassed computers due to its smaller size, ease of access, portability, and powerful enough to get things done. But there is one problem. It’s easy to misplace or stolen.

Maybe you put it in your bag and without your awareness, someone gets a chance to take it away. Sometimes, you may just misplace it somewhere and forget about it. Then next thing is to head on to Google search and type – how to find a stolen phone? or how to track lost Android phone?

How many phones are stolen in India? Or in your country? In fact it by hundreds of thousands in a year or more. Losing a phone is something common. Although you might get a little chance to retrieve your phone if someone took or stole it, there is a smart way to be sure on your device whereabouts.

There are many mobile phone tracker apps or checker tools including third-party apps and the Android built-in anti-theft tool. The Android built-in feature can be your alternative mobile phone tracker option if you don’t have access to a third-party app. There is also another way to track mobile location using IMEI number.

Third party apps, such as Mifon app, is the ultimate smart way to track stolen phone or locate where you might have misplaced it. Your android phone also has a built-in feature that helps you track your device whenever you need it – the Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager).

You need to set up your device features that allow tracking device location otherwise you will end up without surety if the thief had access to your personal or private information that your smartphone has and a lot more.

Let’s discover 3 ways to locate or track a cell phone if it’s stolen or misplaced.

1. Locate Your Phone with Google Android Device Manager

This may be the first option to track your lost device. Newer android phones have these features already accessible in your device otherwise you will need to install it from Google Play. It’s the easiest way since the tool has already been amalgamated with Google to make it super easy to track a mobile location.

It’s necessary to set up your device to ensure it possible to track it whenever it’s out of your reach. This step is very important so as to make it easier to locate your device using a browser or your friend’s phone. You can ring/wail the device if you think your misplaced it within your reach or perform other tasks that ensure your device can’t be accessed by the person who stole it.

From your Android smartphone, you need to activate these 3 things:

· Enable “Find My Device” from Device Administrators under “Security & lock screen settings”;

· Tap and enable “Location” and tap Mode and change to “High accuracy” in the location settings menu;

· Tab “Google Location History” & enable “Use Location History”.

Once you have performed the above 3 main things, you are all set and ready to track your device whenever it gets lost. Just head on to “” using a web browser – with either a computer, another phone, or a tablet.

From there, you can see a live location of your device and can perform 3 main features:

(1)  Play a sound if the device is within earshot and you simply can’t see it;

(2) Secure your device so that the finder or the thief can’t access your home screen. This is important if you didn’t previously secure your smartphone with a passcode or a fingerprint sensor.

(3) Erase your phone. This is the last but best option if you know for certain that you can’t retrieve your phone anymore.

Find your lost phone using this feature means the device must be connected to a network. Otherwise, you can see the device on a map.

2. Track Your Phone Location With The Third Party App (miFon App)

Third party apps are specifically designed to solve one problem – to help its users find their lost device. These apps are more intelligent and do some tens of things that are very helpful to you in case your device gets lost.

Mifon is one of the best Android anti-theft phone finder app that does what it says. To prove its power and effectiveness, Mifon has over 1M+ installs! With its great functions, you can easily trace your lost phone with some simple SMS commands just as you want to. Additionally, Mifon does some extra work – data backup, taking thief selfie, best protection as a malware checker, and works without internet connections.

With Google’s Find My Device, you can track your smartphone’s live location as long as the device is connected to the internet. Mifon perms this task with or without an internet connection.

Mifon is free to download via Google Play. You can also get more amazing features with the mifon premium plan.

Here are some smart features you get from Mifon anti-theft phone finder:

✓ Mifon SMS commands: to send a remote siren which wails your phone if its within your reach; send an SMS to lock you lost device screen; a command with a message that will get displayed on your lost or misplaced miFon smartphone; an SMS to remotely capture photos from both your cameras of your miFon Smartphone;

✓ Track location of your stolen phone with a premium Mifon plan;

✓ Mifon thieFie smartly & silently take selfies (from both sides of the camera) of an intruder & magically emails you;

✓ The miVac function scans your smartphone for new malware and alerts you by email the moment it finds any malware on your device.

✓ Make an automatic cloud backup for your personal data and access it from a web browser.

✓ And a lot more.

To get started with Mifon, you just need to create an account and follow step by step instructions to get things working. Once everything is set up, you are protected and you need not worry about your personal data access or lost whenever you permanently lost your phone.

What I like about this app is the ability to capture quality thief selfie. You will know who stole your lovely smartphone and you can track behind his/her back.

3. Track Mobile Location by IMEI Number

Sometimes a thief may take your phone and remove a SIM card, format your phone and disable GPS location or Internet access. That’s when Mifon comes into rescue. Nonetheless, there is an effective way using the IMEI number to track mobile location by IMEI number.

IMEI is the last option that comes as an added feature on third-party apps like Mifon. To access your smartphone IMEI number, dial *#06# or use the menu settings and find your device IMEI. Another easy way is to check it on the back side of your phone and record it.

If you can’t retrieve your phone with the aforementioned features IMEI can be your last bet. Some third-party anti-theft apps may not automatically capture your device IMEI and you have to enter it manually. Mifon app automatically identifies your device’s IMEI number when the app is installed.

This ultimate feature does the hardest part tracking mobile location by IMEI number if the thief has formatted the device and input other credentials. IMEI can’t change and you can still find the live location of your smartphone.

Finding the best third-party anti-theft app that does all the possible ways to track and locate a device is possible with Mifon. There might be other great apps, but mifon should be the first on your list.

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